Detox Diets that Work.

Set aside a weekend, it’s time for spring cleaning — more accurately, spring cleansing–even though it is already summer. Perfect for the procrastinators among us.

It’s a way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew. And the good news, anybody can benefit from a cleansing. The body is coming out of what might be called hibernation. It’s a way you can jump-start your body for a more active life, a healthier life.

This one is pretty straightforward, it means drinking juice — a whole lot of juice and little else — which pushes everything thing else out of your system. You’re clearing out all the tubes and pipes, as they say.

There’s a big difference between fasting and dieting The effects on the body are quite different. This works incredibly well, is simple and doesn’t cost that much compared other fad diets.

Why It Works

Our bodies naturally detoxify every day…Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through the colon and liver.

If you feel “congested” from too much food — or the wrong kinds of food — you may want to detoxify, she says. If your energy level is low, if you have been taking many medications at have not been eliminated from your system, a weekend detox may help you feel better.

The diet starts on Friday night with a green salad, but Saturday’s menu shows you what’s really in store: Breakfast starts with plenty of vitamin C, then take your choice of fruit juices. Because of its high water content, fruit will flush you through much quicker. Green things give energy, but sugars will wash the system easier.


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